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Healthy Pets are Happy Pets

February is National Pet Dental Health Month.  Isn’t that a mouthful!

canine dental hygiene

Dental health is an important element for pets and humans alike.  A happy set of teeth and gums makes a lot of the necessities of life, like eating, much easier.  Luckily science and technology continue to to join forces to help provide pet owners with both reliable and cost effective resources for the care of their companions.  One of the best options is still to brush your pet’s teeth.  If you start them when they’re young, many won’t mind the activity at all.  Some might even look forward to it as a treat in itself!  But if  your friend thinks a tooth brush is the devil incarnate, there are now cleaning gels, sprays, and water additives available.  Check with your pet’s physician as to what options may work best for your family.

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